Firefox’s Android Version Receives An Update Including Dark Mode Support

The Firefox team has updated the Android version of the browser. With the update, the new version named “Firefox Daylight” brings some design changes as well as improved security and privacy features.

The feature of the update that is offered to users in Firefox’s Android ecosystem is the enhanced tracking protection, which is enabled by default. This feature, named by the developer team (ETP), prevents the display of ads by using the browsing data of the users. The new browser thus eliminates this situation that encourages users to buy.

Firefox Daylight’s ETP feature can be customized by users. Providing a standard level of protection when the new version is switched, ETP can provide special level protection when desired. For example, a user can get rid of advertisements in addition to collecting their data while setting ETP to the strict protection level. However, this level of protection also prevents access to some websites.

With the incognito tabs feature, it can be hidden not only from the browser but also from visited sites.

Mozilla developers are also improving the incognito tabs feature in Firefox’s new Android version. This feature, which takes advantage of the company’s technology called Firefox Focus, ensures that users are completely hidden when hidden tabs are opened. Thanks to this feature, a user cannot be tracked even by the websites they visit. In addition, when the application icon is held down, direct access to the incognito tab feature is possible.

The address bar is now accessible at the bottom of the screen. In this way, ease of use is provided for phones with large screens. In addition, this internet browser now supports add-ons. Although the developer team currently supports 10 different add-ons, the number of these add-ons is expected to increase in the future.

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