Google Chrome On Android Will Now Label “Fast Pages”

Google has updated the Android beta version of Chrome. The update offered to the service of the users enables an important information about the websites to be seen. This information allows you to understand a website is “fast”.

US-based technology giant Google continues to work on improve Chrome, one of its most popular applications. The company has already made the mobile version of Chrome particularly functional. The company has now updated the Android beta version of Google Chrome, making a new feature available to users. Google Chrome’s new feature will provide important information about websites.

The new Android beta version of Google Chrome brings a new Web Vitals metric to the app. This metric will show how fast the website you want to reach has loaded in the past, and if it meets or exceeds reasonable times, it will label the URLs of these sites with a “fast page” tag.

You can access the fast page tag when you press the address section for a long time after accessing a website. Google has added a special section to the drop-down menu to offer this feature. If the site you accessed meets the needs of the metric created, you see the check tick. Google adds the phrase “fast page” right next to this checkmark.

It is unknown when the fast page tags that appear in the Android beta version of Google Chrome will be available to all users. However, the fact that this feature is available as part of the beta version is a clear indicator that the feature is generally ready. This reveals that Google Chrome users on Android will be able to access this feature in a short time.

It is unclear when the same feature will be available for the iOS platform.

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