How to Clean RAM on Android Phones?

If your smartphones with the Android operating system do not show their old performance and you are experiencing lag problems, you can prevent this problem by cleaning the RAM. We answered the question of how to clean RAM on Android phones for you and explained the mobile applications you can use for this process.

If your smartphone with Android operating system does not have a high RAM capacity, it will not show its old performance after a while and some problems will occur. In such a case, cleaning RAM will allow you to use your Android phone more efficiently. There are some methods you can apply to clean up RAM.

You can use your phone’s own optimization tool, make some settings changes, or use third-party mobile apps for Android RAM cleaning. Each method will have a positive effect on the performance of your Android phone. For you, we answered the question of how to clean RAM on Android phones and explained different mobile applications you can use.

How to clean RAM?

Step # 1: Check memory usage of mobile apps:

If your smartphone with Android operating system has a large storage space, you may be using many mobile applications. This can stress the RAM and create some problems. To prevent such a situation, you should control the memory usage of mobile applications.

Open the Memory section of your device’s Settings and check which mobile app is using how much memory. When you select a mobile application and tap on it, you can view the details about the memory usage. You can prevent the operation of a mobile application that puts pressure on RAM with the Force Stop button.

Step # 2: Disable some mobile apps:

In addition to third-party mobile applications that you can easily delete or prevent them from running with the Force Stop button, there may be many system applications that you cannot delete but that put pressure on RAM on your Android operating system.

You can disable such system applications so that they do not stress on RAM, and take up storage space with new updates. Open the Apps screen through your device’s Settings. Here, open the app you want to disable and then tap the Disable button.

On phones with Android operating system, you may encounter many system applications that you cannot remove from the device. Even if you cannot delete what you do not use or think that puts pressure on RAM, you can disable it, preventing it from adversely affecting device performance.

Step # 3: Disable animations:

Each device with an Android operating system has its own unique interface, and each interface has different animations and transitions designed to enhance the user experience. Although these animations and transitions are pleasant to the eye, it is known to have a negative effect on RAM.

To disable animation and transitions, you must first activate the Developer Options of your device. To do this, open the section called System or Device on the Settings page. Find your device number and activate Developer Options with a few taps. Or google your device how to open the developer options.

Since Developer Options will be in a different place on each phone, you can access it via the search bar on the Settings screen. From here, find the animation sheet and save the option as Animation Off. When you restart the device, you will see that animations and transitions are disabled.

Step # 4: Limit live wallpapers and widgets:

Live wallpapers and widgets put pressure on your device’s RAM, consume it fast and cause many different performance problems.

To avoid such problems, first use minimal live wallpapers that are either still or not very active, instead of using a very animated live wallpaper. Another precaution you can take would be to limit the widgets.

Of course, it may not be easy to give up the widgets that you have been using and used for a long time. Instead, reduce the number of widgets on your home screen by limiting your use of widgets and try to use simpler ones instead of very animated ones. Even this will reduce RAM consumption and positively affect your device performance.

Mobile apps you can use for Android RAM cleaning:

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