Over 2 Million Accounts Blocked In PUBG Mobile Because Of Cheating

PUBG Mobile, one of the most played mobile games in the world, has been cleaned up. On the Twitter account of the game, it was announced that more than 2 million accounts and more than 1 million devices were permanently blocked.

PUBG Mobile announced on its official Twitter account that it permanently blocked 2 million 273 thousand 152 accounts and 1 million 424 thousand 854 devices between 20 August and 27 August.

PUBG Mobile cheat blocking statistics

Players whose account is suspended will be able to continue playing by opening a new account. However, players who got banned from the device they need to download the game on a different device to be able to play it again. The studio will offer players better graphics, a new user interface, player lobby, and stricter anti-cheat measures with the version 1.0 update that will be released on September 8, after the permanent barrier thrown to millions of accounts and devices.

the problem of cheating in PUBG Mobile has reached huge dimensions. Cheating was detected in many participating teams from India and Pakistan in the South Asia PUBG Mobile Club Open event, which is one of the most watched events of PUBG Mobile. The organizers of the event disqualified 20 teams and gave life penalties to the team players. After the authorities’ investigation, only 23 teams remained, which means that almost half of the participants cheated.

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