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Stellarium Mobile Plus – Star Map is a planetarium application that shows precisely what you see when you gaze toward the stars.

Distinguish stars, groups of stars, planets, comets, satellites, (for example, the ISS), and other profound sky objects progressively in the sky above you in only a couple of moments, just by pointing the telephone at the sky!

This honor winning space science application has a simple to utilize and moderate UI, that makes it outstanding amongst other cosmic applications for grown-ups and youngsters who need to investigate the night sky.

This Plus rendition will likewise fulfill the most requesting stargazing devotees on account of its gigantic assortment of sky objects (up to size 22 versus greatness 10 in the standard form) and progressed watching highlights for controlling telescopes or getting ready watching meetings.

Stellarium Mobile Plus features:

★ View a precise night sky reenactment of stars and planets for any date, time and area.

★ Reach the restriction of information by making a plunge a huge assortment of stars, clouds, systems, star groups and other profound sky objects:

• All known stars: Gaia DR2 inventory of over 1.69 billion stars

• All known planets, characteristic satellites and comets, and numerous other minor close planetary system objects (10k space rocks)

• Most realized profound sky protests: a consolidated index of more than 2 million clouds and universes

★ Zoom nearly unbounded on high goal pictures of the Milky Way, Deep Sky Objects or planetary surfaces.

★ Discover how individuals living in different districts of the planet see the stars by choosing the shapes and outlines of the heavenly bodies for some, sky societies.

★ Track fake satellites, including the International Space Station.

★ Simulate scene and air with sensible dawn, dusk and environment refraction.

★ Discover 3D delivering of the major nearby planetary group planets and their satellites.

★ Observe the sky in night mode (red) to safeguard your eyes variation to dimness.

★ Observe in the field, even without web association, with a “decreased” arrangement of information: 2 million stars, 2 million Deep Sky Objects, 10k space rocks.

★ Control your telescope through Bluetooth or WIFI: drive any GOTO telescope good with NexStar, SynScan or LX200 conventions.

★ Prepare your watching meetings utilizing the propelled perception apparatuses, to foresee a divine item recognizability and travel times.

Stellarium Mobile PLUS – Star Map 1.5.3 MOD INFO


Stellarium Mobile PLUS – Star Map 1.5.3 UPDATE

  • support for meteor showers
  • rendering of comet tails
  • better offline support of comets and satellites
  • improved sensor mode accuracy
  • increased maximum fov of instruments
  • fix a bug in search by coordinates
  • improved city search



  1. Download ”Stellarium Mobile PLUS – Star Map 1.5.3 PLUS APK” file and install the app.

DOWNLOAD Stellarium Mobile PLUS – Star Map 1.5.3 PLUS APK — 62.88 MB

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