Thousands of Applications Removed After the New Rule in the News Category in Play Store

After the new rules set by Google, thousands of applications were removed from the Play Store. With the approach of the election date in the USA, Google took new measures to prevent the spread of false information.

The harshest criticism on this issue was especially about the spread of false information. Therefore, companies started to develop various methods to prevent the spread of false information.

Of course, one of the companies that took various measures in this regard was the search giant Google. Especially in the USA, due to the approach of the elections, Google tightened the measures it took, and applied these strict measures for the News and Magazines category in the Google Play Store.

Thousands of apps removed

After this measure taken by Google, thousands of applications were removed from the Play Store. The official reason for the removal of these apps was said to be associated with the apps spreading false information.

In addition, official government information in these applications has also been arranged. These applications will no longer be able to transmit official government information without showing a reliable source. These new rules introduced by Google will be very effective both in normal periods and election periods.

Election periods are very hot. During election periods, misinformation about political names is spreading in many countries of the world as in our country. Although this information does not have any truth to it, it can be very effective in people’s choices. Therefore, it is very important that Google has taken various measures in this regard.

So, do you think the measures taken by technology and social media giants to prevent the spread of false information are effective? Can this issue be avoided completely? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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