YouTube Music Releases Lyrics Integration

YouTube Music has brought the new lyrics integration feature.

Google decided to end the Google Play Music feature so that its products would not compete. Google will end Play Music service starting in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in October. The YouTube Music application, which is expected to replace it, also gains new features in this period.

Lyrics integration comes to the web app

Thanks to this feature, which looks like a mobile interface, it is possible to see the lyrics of the song while listening to the song on the internet. The feature is currently in the testing phase.

The feature adapted from the mobile application consists of two tabs. While one of these tabs contains the songs in the playlist, the other contains the lyrics. These lyrics are sourced from third party sources. Whether the lyrics feature is available for all songs is not yet known.

However, at this point, it should be noted that server tests of the feature have been done yet. So there is still time for the feature to be available to everyone, and Google may make some changes during this period.

Google is getting assertive in the music industry

After Google Play Music is shut down, Google will give Google Play Store credit to those who paid for this service. In addition, the features of this application used for offline music will be adapted to YouTube Music.

Google has also released a tool where profile features such as playlists and preferences in the Google Play Music account can be transferred without any change or loss in order to prevent existing users from having difficulty in this transition.

YouTube Music is expected to compete with Spotify, Apple Music and deezer.

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