5 Playlist Features Recently Added to YouTube Music

YouTube, the world’s most popular online video platform owned by the US-based technology giant Google, has been providing only music service for a while. Users, this service, called “YouTube Music”, is an alternative to Spotify and similar applications. The developer team continues to work at full speed to ensure that this app offers the best possible experience.

In a blog post, the developers talked about the new playlist features recently added to YouTube Music. These features, created to improve the user experience, are explained in full detail by the YouTube Music team. Let’s take a closer look at YouTube Music’s new playlist features without further ado.

Get advice from YouTube Music when creating playlists

According to the statements made by YouTube Music developers, users can take advantage of helpful playlists when creating their own playlists. This feature appears as the name of a playlist being created, the genres of music it contains, and the presentation of recommendations according to the singers. YouTube Music developers say 7 music recommendations are made when using this feature, users who need more advice can use the “Refresh” button.

Create and share a common playlist with other users

In the explanations made by the developers, it is mentioned that users can now create a joint playlist with another user. In this way, a user can create a common playlist with other users and listen to it. Moreover, jointly created playlists can be easily shared with other users.

Ability to view other users’ profile pages

There are public playlists on YouTube Music. The developer team allows you to review the YouTube Music profile of a user you trust with the features it adds to the application. This way, users will be able to discover new music from the playlists of other YouTube Music users they enjoy.

Personalized playlists for users who don’t want to bother with creating playlists

YouTube Music users have met an effective feature with the recent updates. This feature is personalized ready-made playlists available to users. A user does not have to create their own playlist, with playlists tailored to the music they have listened to in the past. In this context, users are presented with 4 different personalized playlists created according to user history.

Playlists created for the genre you want to listen to or the mode you’re in

YouTube Music developers say they have added playlists for different music genres and moods into their “Discover” menu. In this way, users can determine the type of music they want to listen to or find music according to their current mood. Also users; They can also access the hit or newly released songs through playlists created on YouTube Music.

Although YouTube Music is a new application compared to its competitors, it seems that it will close the gap between its competitors in a short time. However, competitors like Spotify are not idle in this process. Of course, it should not be forgotten that such improvement efforts are mostly in favor of users. So what are your thoughts on YouTube Music? You can share your ideas with us.

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