App Sharing Feature Appears in Google Play Store

This feature, discovered by the 9to5Google team, allows users to share applications wirelessly. Thanks to this feature, a user will be able to use the application installed on another phone.

Drawing attention with the information it has published on the Android ecosystem, 9to5Google announced that a feature that will be talked about will come to the Google Play Store. If this feature is indeed added to the Google Play Store, users will be able to use each other’s applications even if their phones are not installed on their phones.

Users in the Android ecosystem are already able to transfer data wirelessly today. However, the feature mentioned in 9to5Google takes this feature a few steps further. So much so that users will be able to share applications wirelessly with new features to be added to the Google Play Store. In this way, a user will be able to access an application that is not on their phone via another phone.

According to the information on 9to5Google, the new feature of the Google Play Store will be accessed through the “My Applications” menu. The user to share will determine the application they want to share after entering My Apps. After this process, the other user will open the Google Play Store and find the phone to share. During all these processes, both phones will need to be connected to each other via Bluetooth, NFC or Wi-Fi.

Google has not made a statement regarding this allegedly upcoming feature. However, this kind of feature seems to be very interesting to users. Although 9to5Google says that this feature is unlikely to be used in paid applications, users will no longer have to keep the applications they need from time to time on their phones.


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