Google Starts to Replace Play Music with YouTube Music

Changing the default music player of its smart devices, Google has accelerated the transition from Play Music to YouTube Music. However, Play Music users who are not YouTube Premium subscribers encounter advertisements even while listening to their library.

Google announced last month that it will terminate its music streaming service Play Music as of this month and announced that Play Music subscriptions, which continue with the e-mails it sent to Play Music subscribers, will be added to users’ accounts as Play Store credit.

Since Google Play Music is actively used on many different types of devices, it prefers to gradually unplug it rather than turn off the service all at once. The latest information transferred by Androidpolice is that Play Music is getting closer to the end.

According to the information shared, Google has started to convert the default music player for its existing smart speakers from Play Music to YouTube Music. What’s more, users who do not have a Premium subscription to Play Music, even if they are listening to their library on their smart speakers, encounter ads between songs.

Some Google smart speaker users reported that the default music player can be converted from YouTube Music to Play Music via the Google Home app. However, this will also be a temporary solution as Google will shut Play Music completely out of service by the end of this month.

According to the information provided by Mishaal Rahman from XDA Developers, every time users log in to the Play Music application, they are greeted with the warning “You will soon lose access to Google Play Music”. How many users this move will bring to YouTube Music is a matter of curiosity for now.

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