Spotify Prepares to Change Its ‘Car Mode’ Look

Spotify, the Swedish-based online music streaming giant, is preparing to change the user interface of the ‘Car Mode’ view in its mobile application. After the new update, Spotify will be able to be controlled with the Google Assistant in the ‘Car Mode’ view.

Spotify, the world’s most used online music platform, constantly updates the application to provide users with a better music experience. The music giant, which made its interface more personal for users with previous updates, is now working on a brand new interface design for the ‘Car Mode‘ view of the application.

The source of the allegations comes from reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong. According to Wong, the revamped Spotify ‘Car Mode’ interface will support Google Assistant and music streams will be voice controlled. Thus, it is aimed that users do not lose attention in traffic to change music or adjust sound.

Spotify’s Car Mode view is changing:

With the revamped ‘Car Mode’ UI, the recommended playlists will have larger frames, according to Mong. In addition, there is a banner in the screenshot that tells users that they can control Spotify through the Google Assistant.

Sharing the developments on Spotify on his Twitter account, Wong also announced that Spotify will soon allow free users to play music offline for 30 minutes every day. At this point, the screenshot taken from the application says “Listen without internet for 30 minutes every day. No need for mobile data or Wi-Fi”.

If Spotify really makes this feature available, this can be a great add-on for free users and may even encourage some users to switch to a paid subscription. However, it should be noted that this information has not yet been confirmed by Spotify.

Finally, Wong claims that Spotify is working on a new ‘like’ button. As you know, the current ‘like’ button is fixed to a fairly simple view and turns green when you touch it. According to the screenshot shared by Wong, the new like button will be more fun and animated.

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