TikTok Clone Discovered Accessing All Your Information When Downloaded On Android

Hackers targeted TikTok, which currently has tens of millions of users around the world. Hackers who develop spyware called TikTok Pro can steal a lot of user’s information.

It was unlikely that TikTok, the world’s most downloaded and used short video sharing platform, was not the target of hackers recently. In fact, the target was not exactly TikTok but TikTok users.

Zscaler researchers have warned users about a fake app called ‘TikTok Pro’. According to the researchers, this fake application called TikTok Pro contains spyware and can steal the user’s information.

Spyware affecting Android users: TikTok Pro

Zscaler researcher Shivang Desai said, “The spyware shows itself as TikTok, using the name TikTok Pro after the installation. When the user tries to open the app, a fake notification comes and soon both the notification and the app disappear. This fake notification tactic will distract the user from another “Meanwhile, the application hides itself and the user thinks that the application is faulty.”

Once installed, the application begins to perform operations that become very dangerous for the user. This spyware steals SMS, sends SMS, steals location information, takes pictures, calls phone numbers and steals Facebook credentials.

Desai stated that the attackers target Android users because mobile devices are very common and Android is used by the masses. Desai said that users should be very careful when downloading applications from the internet and should take various precautions.

It was emphasized that applications should only be downloaded from the Google Play Store to avoid such problems. Desai also reminded that in such cases, the application can be uninstalled from the Settings – Applications menu.

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