Worldwide Android-IOS Usage Rates Announced

Statista announced the usage rates of Android-iOS both around the world and by countries. While Android is by far the most popular mobile operating system with 87 percent; iOS stuck at 13 percent.

In the distant past, almost all manufacturers had their own mobile operating systems when phones were not “smart” yet. Today, the entire smartphone market is left to two operating systems; Android and iOS. So, have you ever thought about which operating system is more preferred?

Germany-based market research portal Statista revealed which mobile operating system is more popular with the data it published. According to the graph that Statista shows the market shares of mobile operating systems from 2014 to the present, the Android operating system has crushed the iOS with a market share of 13 percent with 87 percent market share.

When we look at Statista’s mobile operating system market share data by country, we see that iOS is used more than Android only in Japan and the USA. Android has an overwhelming advantage especially in markets such as India, Nigeria and Brazil. In India, the country where Android has perhaps the highest market share of Android, the rate of iOS usage drops to 3 percent.

As you can imagine, this huge market share difference between iOS and Android stems from the price of iPhones, which are the only smartphones with iOS operating system. While iOS managed to reach a high market share in developed economies such as USA, Japan and United Kingdom; iOS usage rate drops considerably, especially in markets such as India and China where import taxes are high.


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