Zoom Opens Two-Factor Authentication to All Users

Popular video conferencing platform Zoom has opened two-factor authentication to all its users to increase security. This way, users will have to enter a code when logging into Zoom or attending conferences.

Zoom, the video conferencing platform, has turned into a platform used extensively by employees and students all over the world with the outbreak of the coronavirus. Of course, when the platform became a place that hundreds of thousands of people actively use every day, both the good and the bad sides of the platform started to show itself.

Zoom has come up with various security issues and server issues in recent weeks. However, the company started its work by promising its users that it would overcome these problems. The platform has recently introduced two-factor authentication to increase security.

The two-factor authentication feature has been turned on for all users:

The two-factor authentication feature that comes to Zoom has been activated not only for users who benefit from the paid service of the platform, as in the end-to-end encryption feature, but also for free users. The new feature is available in both desktop application, browser application and mobile application.

Users who have activated the two-factor authentication feature can get help from apps that provide one-time passwords for a specified length of time, such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or FreeOTP. However, users can request that Zoom send them the code via SMS or call instead of these apps.

How to enable two-factor authentication feature?

What you need to do to activate the two-factor authentication feature, which is new to Zoom, is quite simple. First, log in to Zoom and click on ‘Profile‘ from the menu. Then, choose one of the options (verification application, SMS) that comes up in the Two-factor Authentication section.

If you have chosen the authentication method, activate two-factor authentication with an application that supports this feature (It will be more useful to use one of the applications listed above.) If you have chosen the SMS method, add a phone number that can receive SMS.

From the moment you do these procedures, you will have to enter your two-factor authentication code into the platform when logging into Zoom. Also, when entering a meeting, if the administrator has activated this feature, you will use a new code provided to you. If you forget the code given to you, you can enter one of the recovery codes provided to you in the applications into Zoom.


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